Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Opening Week Fishing Reports

This spring we had some Unbelievably Great Weather to open all of the outposts with. It was a regular ice out this spring, with the ice going out in the first week of May. It was getting to be very dry and we were in a restricted fire zone. We were hoping to get some rain soon.

Last weekend was the opening of Walleye season, the rain decided to come as well. When the first groups of fisherman started to come out this past weekend, they were pretty well soaked. It did rain most every day but not all day. Everyone was able to get out fishing, fishing is usually good in the rain. Fishing was quite good, according to most parties but they had 6 days of rain and the water temperature actually dropped during the week. Walleyes were being caught in 20 feet of water at times. Spring walleye fishing generally is done in 6 to 12 feet of water near moving water, and then generally on the shorelines branching out from there. The Weber group that came out of Blackbirch had been there two years ago and reported that the fish were bigger on average than last time but caught their bigger walleyes as deep as 20 feet. Although some times they were in 6 feet. The Trappers Cabin was their best spot. The largest fish for them was a 41" Northern and 24" Walleye.

Cherrington had some good fishing this week. We had both cabins booked and they said the fish were in their normal spots and depths but numbers of large fish were down from last year but numbers were good. The Wade Party did however catch a 40" Northern and a 29 1/2" walleye. When the sun did come out at the end of the week though, the Walleyes went deeper.

Vee Lake had the most Big Northerns opening week. The Johnson Party reported catching 7 Northerns around the 40" mark and lots between 30-35 inches. Walleye fishing was about average.

The rest of the camps had a little slower than normal fishing but it was good overall. Numbers of BIG fish were also down some but the weather warmed up quickly in the last couple of days and the Big ones will be active!!

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