Friday, June 6, 2008

Findlay Lake is Up to It's Old Tricks

As I sit in the office watching the pouring Rain come down, the Otter tied to the dock. I feel good that I was able to get my flying done before the weather came. Getting up early sometimes pays off. Good to see some rain as the water level on the lakes is going down and it is dry in the bush. Forest fire season should be delayed for awhile now.

Findlay Lake. I have written about this little piece of heaven numerous times and here we go again. The Tarara Party fished Findlay this past week and were extremely happy. They caught numerous walleyes over 25 inches but commented that they had a walleye in each inch category from small ones to the biggest of the trip measuring a huge 28 inches. And if catching all those Big Walleyes wasn't enough, they even caught a 40 inch Northern! But for a hardcore Walleye fisherman that is small potatoes compared to a 28 inch walleye. :)

Here are some pictures from last week at Cherrington. The Davis Party.

Here is a link to the complete Photo album.
Davis Party Cherrington 2008

Here are a couple of pictures from me.

That is not clouds in the sky... It is smoke! Coming from Manitoba. Forest fires burning far away. Hopefully they will get the rain we are getting.

This guy always rides up front with me. If he sat in the back he would be actually filling that bag. He brings his own but I have never seen him use one. Good to be prepared if you are prone to it. It was perfectly smooth the morning I took them in. Thanks mostly to Mother nature and partially to my piloting abilities there was not a bump in the sky.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Pics and Video

Here is some pictures of the Collins Boys who I wrote about last week. Very nice fish.

This is the Real reason people make the trip to Amik Outposts.

Here are some Walleyes caught on Cherrington by a nice young couple during the opening week.

The Collins Party Also Came across a Fisherman of another sort on Vee Lake

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

James Ready available in Limited amounts!!!

James Ready is sold out in cans in Red Lake at the moment. I would advise anyone coming up to have an alternate in mind. I would suggest Lucky Lager as a close second in flavor and is the same price. The next order will be in soon but just letting anyone interested know whats up.


We have found a different supplier for leeches this summer and want to let you know that we need your order into us at least 2 weeks before your trip. Call or email Rena for pricing on leeches, crawlers and frozen minnows. They are cheaper too which is good.

I did not have to leave until 7:30 am this morning and glad for the late departure. It was foggy and then a frost came late. It would have been a late departure if we had a 5 am flight but the timing was perfect today it was good to go... right on time.

With a nice tail wind we were at Vee Lake in 50 mins.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Very recent Pics!

Some of our guests who just came out of the Bush decided to share some of their pictures with us. Keep an eye out here for the link to the whole albums from recent trips.

This is Tom T. from the Davis Party who made the trip up to Cherrington. A nice 40 inch Northern. They said the fishing was awesome. Some of the Veterans of the group stated that the fishing was possibly the best they had ever had on the lake. One Fisherman had 2-36 inch northerns and a 40 inch Northern in addition to numerous fish. They were all Very Happy when I got their this morning by 6:30am.

Here are a couple of pics from the Seal Party who stay at Loree Lake every spring for a week. Thanks to Mike C. for the pictures. A long time guest whom we had not seen in a few years, it was great to host him once again.

Here are a few pics from their trip.

Waiting on the dock, waiting for Me. I am not late very often... In fact most people are ready early, if the winds are favorable sometimes I am. Like no other place, the silence of the North definately gives you time to think.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

It doesn't matter what lake you go to.... the fishing is very good.

The weather has been excellent lately and the fishing has been as good as you can ask for. The walleyes were a little scattered on the flat calm days but no problems catching, just had to keep moving.

I am sitting in the office this morning waiting for some fog to lift so I figured I would give an update on the fishing at Amik Outposts.

This past week was another good one. It was cold and rainy on Sunday when I dropped off the Collins Family at Vee lake but it did not slow them down any. They produced 3 Trophy Northerns measuring at 42 inches and had dozens over 38 inches. They were quite happy when I picked them up. I hope to recieve some pics soon.

Shearstone lake fishing was excellent as well this past week. Denny Way and his crew caught tons of fish and some nice big ones! The largest Northern was 38 inches and the Largest Walleye, the largest so far was a 27 inch fat one.

Loree lake had its usual visitors from Il. and Wi., the Hansens and Seals. Normally they catch lots of Northerns over 40 inches but this season the biggest they caught was 38 inches. The weather made up for the size this year. These guys looked recharged and had excellent tans. As usual they did not want to go home.

The weather is starting to lift so I have to get moving and move these fishermen in and out of the bush all day.