Monday, June 18, 2007

Trophy Northerns are Active!

The BIG Northerns are being caught and released on every lake! All of the parties are coming out of the bush saying they had caught quite a number of larger Northerns. Dennis W. party had a 43" 38" and a few around 36" Northerns at Cherrington. David S. party on the Cobham River had a 44" Northern, a 43" right after and a few between 38 and 41". Loree lake had the Twins, Todd and Toby S. from Ohio in this week and they caught a 38" Northern being their largest. They had a number of fish between 35" an 38". Jeanette Lake had the Mike P. family in this week and had 4 young men in the group that enjoyed fishing off of the dock when the Dads were having a snooze. They caught at least two 38" Northerns. That is the most consistent spot on the lake for the Trophy fish..

Walleyes are starting to become consistent as well. The biggest being caught on Blackbirch by the Tom D. party a 28 incher. Lots of 24 to 26" Wally's being caught. Bigger ones are becoming more active as the summer rolls on. The Scott S. family from Wi. are in at Cherrington this week. They always catch a pile of huge fish. I have known them for 12 years and they have always fished Cherrington. It is really cool to have been able to watch the kids grow up, and that they all still make a point to get together for this trip. Kirk D. and his sons were up at the Cobham in the Morley cabin. KC was the KING fisherman of their group of seven. He had 15 Northerns over 36".
here is Quint with a nice Walleye
A Beautiful fish
The Trophy of the week. Caught in the last evening of the trip. Guided by DAD of Course. 44" Northern.
The weather is starting to straighten out but still changes quickly. Here is a beautiful sunrise then watch how it changes by the afternoon.
Thunderstorms in the late afternoon
Nice and sunny on the Backside, double rainbow

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