Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Perch Season begins on Lake Manitoba with a Bang!!

Perch Season began today and it was a Stormy Day!! Very poor visibility, -20 celsius, and a wind gusting to 70km/h, and we had fishing to do!! My brother and I have the same work ethic, if there is a job to do, we will get it done no matter what the weather. Today we delivered once again, it was not pleasant out there but as long as you stayed moving it was not to bad. We did have a little trouble though. As we were crossing the first ice crack, (which was wider than we expected) one of the skis on our sled that we haul our snowmobile on caught the edge of ice on the crack as we came across. The end result....

A bent steel ski and a partially wrecked snow machine, could have been alot worse had the Bombardier hit the crack like that. We just took the snowmobile and left the sleigh. It was very cold driving the snow machine as we were going setting nets 15 miles from home. A long ways with no windshield to hide behind. Anyways I toughed it out and by late afternoon the wind was going down and it was actually almost enjoyable. The wind is supposed to blow from the north tomorrow and get colder. GREAT!! Can't wait to start catching fish..

Sportshows were a success!!!

Bookings were very good at the 2 sportshows I attended these past few weeks. A reminder to anyone wanting to book a flyin trip with us to call or email for dates as they are filling up fast.

I will show you those little gold Lake Perch soon, hopefully lots and lots of them.

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