Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hockey Tournament is over.

Our hockey team hosted a six team two-day tournament this weekend in two towns for Atom aged kids which are 9 and 10 year olds. It was a excellent fundraiser for our minor hockey association and local arenas. We live in a small town and keeping the rinks open is always a concern. Everyone in town loves to see a buzz around the rink on occasions like these. My team did not place in the medals but won the Consulation. We invited stiff competition but most games were decided by one or two goals, Very Intense! These kids will be in body contact next year so there is a fair amount of body checking, I love that!!

And guess who planned it all...
If you have ever been fishing at Amik Outposts it should not surprise you to hear Rena takes care of all our tournament planning. She is Greatly Appreciated!!

This is one of our ways that we raise money, The Loonie Stick. This year there was 2 one piece composite sticks with each person paying $2 for each entry. $1 goes to our tourney and the other taped to the stick and their name entered in a draw. We had 2 sticks and each one had almost $100 on it. Other Fundraisers were Chuck-a-puck where the closest to center ice won a new wheeled hockey bag, Buy-a-player where we get $1 and the player bought gets the other $1, a Warren player went home 70$ richer this weekend. We also had a huge Rainbow auction.

Our kids had a League game Friday night then played three games on Saturday. Maija was totally wiped in the second intermission of our last game. We had a 2-1 lead going into the third against a team that is a division higher than us but sadly we ran out of gas and gave up three third period goals and lost 4-2. She mustered half a smile me. lol

It was sooo cold here this weekend. Minus 35 celsius with a -50 windchill. Canadians are crazy for hockey and we had teams travel through the weather and come to play despite the weather. Here is my Goalie Dradon. Hiding in his equipment trying to stay warm. Cold and played out after facing that frozen piece of rubber for 4 games in less than 24 hours.

This is the net that I scored my first goal in almost 30 years ago, Still Going.

The old barn in Eriksdale. Natural ice is great to skate on. Not many of those left. When I started playing here there was no glass, just heavy wire on the ends of the rink. The fans stood along the boards and had to pay attention to the play or they might get a stick or puck in the teeth. When my Dad coached Men's hockey here the fans were involved in the game too, holding up players or yapping with the opposition. Things got pretty heated at some of those games where the age old rivalries saw some awesome hits and goals.

My Daughter Maija on the left with Jerrica and the "Hardware"

One of my wingers Leo with a nice shirt on.

The Bronze medal winners, Warren Wildcats

The runners up, Riverton Eagles

Gimli Vikings, The Champs. This team is half girls and boys. Congrats!

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