Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hockey is Over and Winter is Still Hanging Around

We entered a 24 team tournament in Portage la Prairie this past weekend and came out quite well. Not much snow where we were but and hour north in Eriksdale there was a Heavy snow storm. At least a foot of snow fell overnight and it was Wet and Heavy. Spring was here......

My Daughter Maija sits by her friend Jerrica every game and practice. Here they are for what was to be the final game of our season.

We were in the semi-final of the Portage Lions 19th Annual Atom Tournament, one which has many extended roster teams which take players from a wide region to make an allstar team. We went with our kids from our 2 small towns... All weekend the hockey was fast and furious, our kids played as well as I have ever seen them play. Competing and Beating teams from larger towns which have a number of teams in each age group. It feels so rewarding to see these young hockey players mature and play so well as a team. This team is made of 1/2 nine year olds and 1/2 ten year olds. All the other teams are made up off 10 year olds so the competion and size difference is a factor. Our kids were totally up for it. The last game was a Wild one. Goal for goal we were tied but we were on them like stink. Austin N., a nine year old on our team picked up the puck along the boards by the top of the circles and had a clear path to the net, WITH 10 SECONDS LEFT in Regulation!!! He shoots.... and it hit the post! He almost had the rebound to boot but the goalie covered it and here comes overtime...AGAIN. 5 Minute 4 on 4 overtime. We carried most of the play but could not bury another goal. This was such a large tournament that the next step after OT is a SHOOT-OUT. We scored 2 and they scored 4. Hockey is officially over for the season. Excellent Hockey and feels so good to be a part of such a growing experience for these kids. Next year they go into body contact!!! I can't wait:)

There was plenty of pool and hot tub time for the Kids as well. Hockey Tournaments are still some of my fondest Memories.

We also had our "2nd annual Wind up on the Lake". I made a rink out on Lake Manitoba and had the Girls and Boys teams out for a party. There was a ton of kids and a lot of hockey. The kids really like a party like that, definately something different.

This is one of our players little brother watching and wanting to be out there with the big kids... Soon enough.LOL He will be a good player. Comes from a good hockey family.


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