Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Late Start but almost have Half the Camps ready to go!!!

We are going at opening camps hard!! We have an excellent crew of young pilots working for us this season and the camp opening has been going well. We have been getting lots accomplished and the camps are in excellent shape.

We have some fisherman in the "Bush" but no fishing reports yet. I will put them up when they start to come out. Temps have been decent and the sun has been shining. I hope everyone is catching the Monsters.

Morleys was the first one to be prepared. Just barely had a path through the ice and by the afternoon the wind had changed and blew all the ice into us. Wish I could have gotten a video of the sound the candlesticked ice makes when the wind is blowing.

Cobham Daniel was next. Open close to camp, but the bigger part to the south was pretty iced up.
Here is Bruce giving direction to our dockhands to ensure things are done right.

We try to keep a good and happy working atmostsphere. The days were long to get the first few done. Up at 5 am and eating supper at 10 pm. I am so happy to be back in the bush. I seem to be getting more energy the harder we go.
Loree Lake had a Caretaker this winter. A cow moose! She has been there for years and years but this year she must have had 2 calves. I know this because of the nipped of young trees and the size and shape of the droppings right on the boardwalk.LOL Almost all of the trees are nipped off and many of the bigger trees are pulled dowm and broken around 6 or 7 feet high. She must be a big moose. I have never seen her, but moose love a south facing browsing area in the winter to get away from the Bitter North Wind.

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