Friday, June 27, 2008

Great Weather today for getting ALOT of Flying done!!!

Today was a really busy day with 4 camps changing people. The weather was perfect. I was able to be ahead of schedule all day by 15 minutes. Everyone was happy and ready to go. Fishing was quite good everywhere and the weather was excellent all week. When you have that and add timely service, things go pretty well.

The Evans party came out of Vee today and reported that the fishing gets better each year. They had the best year yet for big Walleye. The Biggest measuring 25 inches. Nothing out of the ordinary, but most of the other fish they caught were all between 20 and 24 inches. The Northern fishing was good too. They caught a Monster 44 inch Northern. I hope to see those pictures soon.

The sky was a Crazy color this morning. This was at 4:45 am today.

This is my office chair. It is quite comfortable. Those cab drivers are not stupid... the beads help you stay cool:) With 1000 hp in front of you, it is bound to get hot.

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