Sunday, June 15, 2008

Water Levels on the Rise!

With all of the rain this past week the water levelas on all of the lakes has been coming up fast. Not to extreme levels or anything...yet.

The Doan Party stay in the Morley Cabin every year and in the Daniel Cabin are their friends, the Erickson Party. Kirks boys are getting older and appreciate the odd practical joke. They thought it would be funny to go over to the Daniel cabin and give the boys over there a little treasure hunt! I am not sure how much Labatt Blue was moved, but when the Erickson Party returned this is what they found.

Which of these people look to fit the description of the Pirates!!!

Fishing was also great this week on the Cobham. Actually better when it was raining. Largest fish were a 42 inch Northern and 26 inch walleye.

Daniels guys had 2016 fish for the week and had at least 100 fish per boat for 4 of their 7 days up there.

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