Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cobham Sharks!!!!

Think you had a bad day?

As the subject states consider the poor Northern Pike that ate my jig and suffering the indignity of being hauled up from the deep is attacked by one his fellow Pike. When the fish hit I new it was a Northern and told my fishing buddy so. It did not seem really big at first and I was getting the upper hand when he suddenly seemed to get very large and very powerful. To our shock and amazement two fish rose from the depths. A big Pike had my fish in its jaws just behind the head like a terrier with a rat. I know this is a common occurrence but the size of the fish involved and the vicious damage inflicted is noteworthy. The Pike having a bad day is somewhere between 26" and 30" The big Pike is anybody guess as he let go and sunk back into the depths before we could get his picture. It does make you wonder "maybe we need a bigger boat" Well thanks for a great trip and more adventures.
Regards Elliott B.

Here are a few pictures from the rest of their trip. Starting with a Beauty. A 43 inch Northern!!!

An Awesome Walleye!!

Open for Business.

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