Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fishing Done, and a Few Days to get ready for the HUNT!

My daughter Maija and I saw a small bull on the way back from Ear Falls the other day. By his reactions to my calls I would say the Rut is just getting going. Hopefully Mother Nature will be kind to us next week and give us some calm, cool weather.

I brought out the last fishermen the other day from Loree and Blackbirch. The Loree guys have fished this time of year on the same lake many times. Last year they got snowed on and had 4 inches accumulate:( This year more than made up for that, it was light winds, very little rain and lots of sun. Very easy going guys from Wi. who said that they caught all of the fish they wanted. They are in the tourist business as well and look forward to their fall fishing trip every year. See you next year boys:)

Blackbirch Lake had the Schultz boys for a 7 day trip. The water was quite high but Paul said that the fish were bigger on average than in the past and in all the same spots despite the high water levels. Lots of BIG Walleye! The water went down significantly over the week and should continue to do so since we have had nice dry weather this week again and looks like it will be fairly dry next week as well. I am totally in my element in the Fall during hunting season, I love it!

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