Friday, December 5, 2008

Bombardier Time Already!!

We have had a nice fall and deer season is over, no big buck for Johnny! Hunted quite a bit but didn't see anything worth taking this year. My standards are getting quite high now. Our local end of season deer head party is this weekend. I hope to get there to get some pictures of some Bucks from around my place!

The ice is getting thicker and finally we have 11-12 inches close to shore. The 1954 "Auto-Neige", we call it a "Bombardier" is back out there as a 3rd man. My brother has made many changes and improvements to the old girl to make our lives easier. He has put a net roller on the front to pull out the nets, and a net puller on the back to pullem back in, he loves to work with metal!

Fishing has been better than we have seen in many years so we are both tired and sore but happy to be catching fish! The Bombardier is nice since the net puller does all the pulling, Jamie takes out the fish and I clean them all. Suckers, Northerns, Whitefish, and the oh so valuable Walleye!

Here is Jamie on our first day out west withe Bombardier checking the ice.

So many days start out nice and calm.......

And before you know it it starts to blow!!!! It can be so nice in shore but drifting and cold out on the lake!

Then it gets even windier, Manitoba, where we live is a very windy place for some reason, gives you a good tan though!!!!

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