Sunday, March 1, 2009

An Early Exit from the Playoffs

Well it is over. We lost game 2 by a wide margin and even got shut out! Our team did not come out wanting the win at all on Saturday. But I have seen and been apart of a number of those kind of efforts, it is weird how a whole team can not show up to play. Today was a whole new game. I was hoping for a better effort and overall it was there. The game today was decided on capitalizing on mistakes, and Stonewall did just that to us. We played well defensively but made a few errors and they scored when they had the chance. When we picked up the puck on turn overs we did not.

This is our tough year, we are all first year peewee players (11 years old) playing in a league of teams that are generally half 11 and 12 year olds. It sucks to lose but we still have a month left of hockey consisting of exhibition and one last big tournament in Winnipeg. Next year we should not be the under dogs!

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