Saturday, May 23, 2009

First fishing report!

The Nethers Party from Ohio just came out of the River today and had a great time! The weather was a little on the cold side at times and it snowed a few times but overall they said the weather was better than they had 2 years ago. It was cold enough at one point that the ice actually built up on the fishing line! But on the other hand it got to be in the 50's most every afternoon and the evenings were great!

It was a beautiful day when they went in a week ago!

Even a little ice still floating around but disappeared after a couple days.

And there was plenty of these around. When the sun was out, the action was furious! The Largest was 45 inches and there were quite a few around the 40 inch mark.

This too is a real treat!

A picturesque evening.

There was a little of this....

But more of this! Weather in the North changes fast in the spring and fall!

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