Thursday, May 28, 2009

A surprise at Jeanette

The last camp was opened yesterday at Jeanette Lake. After taking a walk around and seeing that the snow had ripped off the chimney, everything else was okay and wintered well. As I opened the door, there was a small furry animal laying on the floor by the fridges. It was a pine marten! One of my favorite animals in the bush, a wiley little creature who is vicious and fast. They keep the rodents in check. Definately a good animal to have around, to bad this one came in through the small hole by the chimney, couldn't find his way out and ate a little too much mouse poison. Poor little bugger.

Here are some pictures from Cherrington, Motter Party, long time guests who always do well and this year was no exception. They figure they caught 200 walleyes that were around 4 to 5 pounds, David said this was the best fishing he has had in a very long time. Brian had a 30 inch walleye and there was so many 23-25 inch fish. Needless to say they were very happy and coming back next year.

Still some ice on the big lake pushed up on shore. They thought about fishing for lakers but the walleyes were so big and fun they couldn't get away!

A beautiful night.

An "average walleye"

Shearstone had the Weber Party visit this week. These guys have fished a number of our lakes and had some awesome northen fishing. They said that there was as many 30-35 inch northerns as you wanted to catch and the leader of the group Gary had a Fat 42 inch northern. 5 times when reeling in a walleye, they were attacked by bigger northerns....that is always exciting! Walleyes were pretty concentrated near the rapids due to the cold water but the size got bigger everyday. They are looking forward to next year and maybe another lake.

Even the new guy was allowed to catch some Big fish!

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