Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blackbirch Lake, A perfect place to unwind and catch some Big Ones.

The Tom L. crew headed to Blackbirch last week and did very well. First time on a new lake sometimes takes awhile to find yourself a honey hole, but these veterans of the bush had no trouble finding a couple of reliable spots in addition to catching fish everywhere else they tried. Sand beaches seemed to be the order of the week on Blackbirch. The fish were on the windy shore but more prevalent where there was a sandy shoreline.

Here are some pics.

We got an early start on the way in but got delayed 8 miles from Blackbirch with fog for 2.5 hours :(

There were some big northerns caught. Here is a 42 inch!

The Rookie with a 40 inch northern pike!

A beautiful peaceful morning. This is one of my favorite things.

Not sure on the size of this one but it looks like at least a 26 inch walleye to me!

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