Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer settles in!

The weather has been great up here lately. People coming out of the bush with beautiful tans and big stories! Jeanette and Cherrington changed over today and both camps did great. Jeanette had the Patenaude family fishing it this week and they want to rename it Big Snake Lake. They caught lots of big northerns! The largest was 42 inches with another measuring 40 inches caught from the best spot on the lake, right off the dock by a 13 year old fisherman named Cody who also had a 38 incher! The 42 inch monster was stalking the boat before being caught. Stealing an 18 inch walleye right off the stringer before hitting Ben's 17 inch walleye T-bone style and was landed like that. Those northerns are so aggressive! The largest walleye was 26 inches caught on the first day by Poppa, they caught lots of fish in 4 feet of water, even when it was nice and hot. It was hot enough to swim even! Poppa went in 3 times!! A good vacation all around.

These pictures are from Cherrington Lake. The Reutzel family fished Cherrington for the first time and had a blast! Tom had the fish of the trip pictured below and heavy 43 inch northern!

A very healthy fish, look how thick it is.

Erich caught a Lake trout right by the cabin and found a honey hole in the evening right outside of the bay where the cabins are with lots of these!!

Mike caught this nice dark walleye

Here are some pictures from some of my favorite guests. The Darsnek party. They try a new camp every year and this year they visited the Cobham River. It is always a good time with these guys. The captions below the pictures are from Jack!

Who said lets go fishing?

Me, me, me I'm first!

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