Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nice to see the next generation visiting Amik Outposts

After 15 years in the tourist business since I was 19 years old, most of the fishermen that come to Amik Outposts have been older than Rena and I. That trend is beginning to change. It is nice to see groups of friends and young families making the decision to come up to Red Lake and experience a quality vacation on a beautiful remote lake with lots of trophy fish to catch. The Loftus Party went to Jeanette recently and had an awesome time. They had a good recommend on this particular lake since the group in front of them was Mason's father in-law, Jerry N. and friends who have been fishing Jeanette with us for the past 10 years and may have told a few stories to Mason over the years at family functions... The fishing was great and the good times were too. Here are some of their pictures.

Shorelunch. This is a nice and easy way to enjoy those delicious walleyes!

When you have a big one on, a good man on the net is a neccesity. I have heard so many stories about the one that got away....

A nice big wally

Another one...

They caught a few Big northerns as well. These guys will be back on Jeanette in 2 years. We will be here to show them another great trip.

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