Monday, July 27, 2009

Recent Highlights

I have had a few comments by fishermen/blog followers that I am not giving every lake equal blog space....just so everyone knows, the fishing and good times are happening every day at Amik Outposts on all the lakes, but I only have time to get some of the stories out there. I will try too put updates involving all of the lakes more frequently.

The walleyes are still in fairly shallow water(12 feet or less for the most part) and the northerns have been mixed right in there with them. The mayflies have come and gone in the past week as well and the cabbage weeds are just growing as well, we are probably 2 weeks behind a normal summer for these events as they usually occur in early July. This summer has been cooler than a normal year! Here is a few highlights from the last week or so.

The Kalkbrenner party made their bi-annual trip to Blackbirch and had the best year so far, catching many more big fish compared to past trips. There were a couple of young men with them and they were smilling like crazy on the way out!! Grant who is 8 had a 30 inch northern on the first day and James who is 12 had a 38 inch trophy. Most of the time the youngest catches the biggest fish but not this time as Gary had a Huge 29 inch wallye and Jeff caught a nice 39 inch northern.

The Frazer party came out of Cobham Morley last weekend and said that the cabin there was the best one they have stayed in yet! And the fishing was great to boot! They even saw a couple of moose, a cow and a nice Bull. Al seemed to have the lucky hand this trip catching a number of big fish including a 33 inch, 34, 36 and 38 inch northern as well as a 25 inch walleye. They caught as a group at least 20 walleyes in the mid 20 inch range and most of their fishing was done in 7 to 9 feet of water.

The Reitmeier party fished Vee lake recently and had not been with us in 13 or 14 years. These guys who are mostly walleye fishermen caught some good sized walleyes and commented on how hard they all fought. Lots of fish were 19 or 20 inches and the biggest being a 24 inch walleye.

The Toft party came back to their place in the north last week, Cherrington lake. As usual they caught a lot of large walleyes, not too many big northerns and 8 Lakers. The Lake trout were strong and big, the Biggest were a 28 and 30 inch monsters. They have been good at sending pictures in past years so I will share them when I get them. The said that the mayflies out on the big lake slowed their numbers down a bit but overall caught plenty to keep them busy and had a 26 inch walleye as their biggest and if I remember right they had a 39 inch northern. They will be back to better those numbers next year:)

My brother too fished Cherrington last week with some friends that we grew up with and had a blast. It was his first trip he has taken with his buddies and they had no trouble catching fish at all. A 26 inch walleye was their biggest as well but caught lots over 20 inches. They were lake trout fishing and caught a few lakers too and even caught a nice walleye down around 40 feet out in the big lake.

And finally the River...We had some new guests in there from the eastern U.S. and they had a tough day with the airlines to get to Red Lake the day before and didn't arrive in Red until 5 a.m. They were tired on the way in but very relaxed and rested on the way out! They caught a northern pike so big that they were afraid to bring it in the boat! They estimated that it was a 50 inch Northern pike!! I wish they would have gotten a picture of that monster!!!

Another busy week is ahead and I hope the weather turns to sun:)

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Jiggin John said...

I think that your blog is awesome, even though I won't be able to take a trip like this for another year or two I can't wait to see what is going on. Thanks for all the great updates and pictures.