Thursday, August 27, 2009


There was a movie shot 1.5 miles from our winter home in Manitoba called Whiteout. Here is the link to the trailer.

It is based in the Antartic and has Kate Beckinsale, and Tom Skerrit in it. It was pretty cool to watch the whole movie shooting unfold from a bald point on Lake Manitoba shoreline that I hunted on as a kid, turn into a South Pole research outpost.

I as many of the locals from our town were extras in the movie. It comes out on September 11th.

Oh yea, my part in the movie is in the opening scene.....running across the snow completely naked!! Really. I am the only one with white boots on and a huge smile on my face wearing my black beaver hat. It was interesting running through half of my hometown with no clothes on....

Here are some pics of the area during shooting.

Most days you cannot see the far shore where we live.

Yes, that is an Otter. A turbine Otter which flies in NE Manitoba.

My Uncle Jack was even an extra.

The South Pole on Lake Manitoba.

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