Saturday, September 19, 2009

The last fishermen!

I know when I see these guys from Wisconsin, the summer is pretty much over. Loree lake is their camp of choice and for 5 days every fall, this is their slice of heaven. The weather is not always nice for them at this time of year but this year was a real treat! Sun everyday except for one 10 minute storm and temperatures got as low as 40 one night but everyday was 60-80 degrees! Awesome weather for middle of September.

Fishing was fabulous as well. A 42 inch Northern and a 27 inch Walleye were the biggest caught but they had a blast with the numbers too!

Here is a hefty 27 inch Walleye.

Not sure of the length of this one but it looks like it would be close to 40 inches.

The Beast of the trip on the second last day! 42 inches and Thick!

That little tape measure in front of him is not even close!! The long tape is by his back.

And Back down to the depths, to be caught again... It feels good to see all of our guests catching Trophies and feeling good about putting them back. That's why we have the Trophy Fishing we have.

The prop on the Otter sure pushes the air!

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