Monday, November 30, 2009

Fire and Ice

Deer season is over and the timing is almost perfect for fishing to start. Freeze-up is quite late this year. It has been winter for awhile up north but we have had some awesome stable weather here for a long time. But I think winter is right around the corner.

Would you walk on this much ice?

Close to shore.

But alas, we could not set any nets today. We run the jigger out and as I was walking out to cut a hole and pull the net in when the ice cracked right beside me and I was sinking. Quick feet not taking too hard of steps and I was away from the crack and heading back to shore!! We will try again tomorrow. It is no fun falling through the ice.

Here is Jamie going out on his belly to retrive the box of nets I was dragging behind me when the ice cracked. Looks fun eh!

Since we couldn`t set nets we decided to clean up some of the wild hay on my brothers property that could not be taken off this summer due to the wet conditions.

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