Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Deer Party 2009

It was a good year for big bucks in our small corner of Canada this year. Nice weather, dry and not real cold during deer season. Great hunting weather. No snow made it difficult tracking a hit animal. The new Manitoba record typical was found dead not to far from where we live. I will post some pictures of that monster soon. Our club is small and local. Here are some of the heads.

Not many Non-typical deer around but there was 2 this year.

This was the winner. Scored 158 and change.

Here was my entry this year, 133 and change.

So up it goes on the wall. No matter how big it is it will have a home.
Big whitetails are usually a cagey animal

Now we have to wait another 11 months for my favorite time of year.....Hunting season!

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