Thursday, May 20, 2010

You can bring Potatoes into Canada Again!!

The silly rule of no American potatoes allowed into Canada has changed. You are allowed to bring store bought potatoes in but potatoes from your garden are not. The border gaurds will have to go buy their own this summer. :)

I had a bet going during the Canada vs USA gold medal game with an one of our regular guests, a case of beer to the winner. And I happily accepted my winnings today! Mike and his group are headed to Loree Lake in the morning for another good time.

I went to Ear Falls today and saw lots of wildlife. 3 moose and something I may never see again. I saw a wolf walking in the ditch beside me, which is not that rare of an occurance, but this time as I slowed down, I could clearly see he was proudly carrying a new born deer fawn! It was a gruesome site. His face was covered in blood and I could clearly see inside the young deers chest cavity. I tried to stop in time to get a picture but the wolf was gone like a flash when I started to back up. Here is one of the Moose I saw today.

We are over the hump of camp opening as well. The weather has been great, we have accomplished alot of jobs at each place with lots having taken place last fall. It is nice not having Mother Nature on our side. Warm and sunny everyday. A few bugs which is to be expected but better than wearing your parka!!

Here are a couple of pictures from the opening so far.

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