Thursday, June 17, 2010

Loree Lake Pictures!

John and Rena:
Best trip EVER in my 21 years fishing your outposts. We caught well over 1200 fish and no one used a jig. Biggest Northern was 41 inches with lots in the mid to upper 30's and our biggest Walleye was 24 inches. We all wore out a lot of Rapala's this week. We even went swimming in late May, can you believe that one? Thanks for all you do to make this trip so very special for our team. This truely was the best ever!

Check out the picture of the moon with the haze of the forest fire from 50 miles away. You will also see some bigger northern and the littlest one ever caught on a 4 inch Rapala.

Thanks again,
The Seals and Hansens

The Seal/Hansen party is one of our longest running groups of fishermen and have seen many different springs with us. From cold and snow with frozen water lines to a year like this where swimming was even possible. The water was cold but at least the air temperature was nice. They always catch some nice fish and this year was no exception. Here are a few pictures from May on Loree Lake.

These guys will grow up one day and turn into.....


Daisy looks like he is going to eat well tonight!

Chris could not let his brother steal all the glory. He knows how to catch them too!

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