Monday, July 26, 2010

Norseman Days!!

The weather was awesome for the 2010 Norseman Festival in Red Lake this weekend. We were able to get all of our fishermen moved in and out of the bush on time and this allowed us to go to town for awhile each night of the festival. Good times were had and I got to see some of the veteran bush pilots I only get to see once a year and hear some stories!!

The Amik Outposts crew entered into the Special Olympics Fundraiser Bellyflop contest. It was a good time on a hot July day. Here is the video of our flop.

In this picture is a dockhand, Jay who worked for us 7 years ago and is flying in Sioux Lookout now and doing very well. On my left is Joel who is a young pilot working hard for us and hoping to find himself a flying job in the area next summer.

With the good weather, I like to come back from up north at some higher altitudes. My buddy Rob flies the Hawker, similar to a DC3 and hauls freight and fuel to the Native reserves in the north. If you have ever been to Findlay or Loree lakes you would have seen this plane flying over.

And on Sunday was the flyby. I love the sound of a radial engine!

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