Monday, August 23, 2010

End of August and still warm...except for those 3 days last week!

The seasons are poised to change. We had a cold front come through last weekend and it lasted for 3 days. If you were tough enough to fish in it, fishing was great! It was windy, temperatures in the 40's (one day only) and the rain and mist pelted you. The Doverspike party returned to the Cobham River after a 6 year absence and caught many giant northern pike during their stay through the bad weather. 6 northerns over 40 inches and 30 over 30 inches! They fished all the bays and worked the shorelines with a variety of lures but a 2 bladed spinner was the best, hammered gold.

This is also good weather for staying in the cabin reading a book, playing cards or opening the bar early and having a few cocktails. All of the above were done in the north on Sunday, Monday, and part of Tuesday. Then the sun came back and the temperatures are back in the 70's and 80's. It took the fish a day or 2 to return to normal routines and fishermen had to find them but things are right back on track with nice stable weather in place again.

The Kusmerz party went back to the Cobham last week for their bi-annual fishing trip! Some exciting times have been had on this water system involving these guys and a huge forest fire in 2006. A wildfire that had been smoldering miles away had the right combination of dryness and a huge northwest wind to spring to life and leap and bond its way across the Cobham. Good thing they had friends at the Daniel cabin where they spent the night. I came in the next morning and moved them to another lake that we had open for the remainder of the trip. That was a close one with the fire creeping within 20 feet of the outhouse! This year they were in for what seemed like 3 seasons. Warm the first day, then cold and windy for 2.5 days and back to warm and calm to finish the week off. Fishing was good but there was times where it was better than others with the huge temperature swings. They caught and released a number of nice fish though: Everyone caught at least one 35 inch or bigger northern pike! Sean 38 and 39 inch northern, Tom 37 inch northern, and Dan took the prize with a 42 inch big pike and a 38.5 inch northern that had a huge head and big shoulders.

When I said that you had to be tough to handle the rough weather we sometimes get up here, I was talking about 3 little fisherladies aged 9, 11 and 13 years! Jim S. from Wisconsin has 3 tough little girls and wife. They also were up north during the less than perfect weather. They swam the first day and needed a jacket 2 days later. The girls had a great time and were nothing but smiles on the way home, drawing pictures of the pilot and giggling. They caught alot of fish and had lots of good times where ever they were, in the cabin or out on the lake! They had no concept of time either, the only watch they had quit on the first day so they ate when they were hungry and fished when it was light outside.

September is not far away and it will be time to start closing camps soon and get some of the jobs and improvements done around our camps... and catch a few fish.

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