Thursday, August 5, 2010

Quality Time.

You can tell John L. really enjoys the north! He was on Blackbirch last week and came out for one day and went right back into the Otter and took his son, son in-law and his grandson up to Vee lake for another trip. They took many amazing pictures and we are fortunate enough that they shared them with us. I can only post so many because they caught a lot of trophy sized fish! These pictures tell the story of an amazing vacation with your family!

When you get a giant pike on the line, sometimes they will be lost when you use the net. This is the way I chose to land them and so does John.

You need to wait until the fish is ready to be landed, trying to bring him in too early will result in losing possibly the fish of your life. Then bring him along side the boat so that your partner can get a hold of the bottom jaw firmly...don't put your fingers in too far, near those razor sharp teeth or even into the gills. If you are the fishermen who is holding the rod, be sure to help keep the boat level during the landing of your trophy.

Then with both hands lift him out of the water making sure to support the body weight, keeping the monster level and not lifting him totally by the head. That hurts the fish and they will become immobile eventually, even though they may swim away afterwards.

Then the photo, measurement, and the release...there for someone else to catch. Only to get bigger! Eric's smile says it all. Happiness. Thanks Dad.
Shorelunch and a break from the lake. Time well spent.

The walleye fishing was phenominal on Vee lake. The largest was 27 inches caught by Walker but there was a lot of walleye caught from 23 to 25 inches! Here are just a few pictures of some of the good ones.

Then it has to end sometime and this guy comes to pick you up. :)

It has been pretty good flying weather lately. It sure makes my job easier and also makes our fishermen happier. Fishing is always great but sunshine cannot be replaced.

Thanks for sharing your pictures, we appreciate it. See you next year!

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