Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Findlay Lake Trophy Walleyes A Plenty!!!

Today I picked up the Neinhuis Party at Findlay Lake. I could tell before I hit the dock that things went well. Nothing but HUGE smiles. "How did it go?" I asked.

"Excellent" was the reply. Shortly followed by "un-believable". They had the time of their lives. Most of these guys had alot of fishing experience so I knew that they would do well. But this was their first ever Flyin and they did not know what to expect. I figured they knew how to catch the big ones because when I was marking the map for them before they flew in, the were very interested in where the deeper water structure was on the lake. That is where you catch the big ones consistently. Karl Sr. had the largest Walleye of their 4-day trip, hitting the 29" mark on the Tape. A Real Trophy. But after a quick picture, back she went. There for someone else to catch. That is the beautiful thing about Catch and Release.

The other members of the Party did great as well. Karl Jr. had a 27" and a 26" Walleye, and Brad F. had 2- 27" Wally's.

One afternoon they were fishing in a bay just behind a point the wind was blowing past. The feed swirls around the point and the fish follow the feed. You don't always have to beat yourself up in the wind. They proceeded to catch 140 fish in one boat in one afternoon. They had 10 DOUBLES. They even had a walleye come up to the surface and take a bare Red jig as it was hanging over the boat because he was helping his partner put a fish back in the water.

They caught between 600and 800 walleyes for 4 guys in 4 days. 22 Walleyes we over 23". That is some good fishing. Findlay is Definately a Trophy Lake.

It is nice to be able to keep showing people the best fishing of their lives.

Another guest of ours hosts his own web page and the link is http://www.canada.muscodagang.com/ Check it out. It is very good. I hope it will inspire all of our other guests to send me some pictures and stories.

Until next time.
We have had more rain than normal this summer, and it shows here. Look at the length of the growth of the tips of the branches. I have never seen them grow this much before. Even the tips are curling over they are getting so long.


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