Saturday, July 7, 2007

JULY. Stable weather, Good for the Whole Family!

July is the time of year when alot of families make the journey North. Before football, and nice weather for all ages. The fish generally are on every point and sometimes in the Cabbage weeds.

Loree Lake had a familiar July visitor in the Peters family and friends. They have been fishing Loree for many years and this season they had 8 people in their party. If you had to take a guess on the number of walleyes 8 people could catch in 7 days what would it be. I have known them for years and they have always told me the number, to the fish. This year is the first year they had 8 but the number is very good. 2936 fish, 8 people, 7 days. Needless to say they were quite happy when I picked them up. Size was good as well. The biggest Walleye was 27 1/2" and Two 27" Walleyes. Plenty over 24" as well. They Enjoyed some Morels but told me that the season was almost over. IThis is the Brummer Family From Iowa. 5 boys and Mom and Dad. Quite a crew, they had Great fishing, especially last night. All three boats together and everyone catching fish after fish. I tell everyone that we work it out that way on your last day. LOL.

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