Monday, July 23, 2007

Summer is flying by. Weather and Fishing Excellent

Here is a picture of The Klees Girls and their Dad I wrote about last week. They had an awesome time. Dad had a 40" Northern and the Biggest Walleye was caught by the youngest Nicki, measuring a nice 24".

Here are some pictures from the S.A. Johnson party. Arnie comes up twice each season. Once with his boys and their friends to Shearstone in June and the other with some of his buddies to Jeanette in August. I will see him again next week

These are two beautiful trophy fish caught and released on their trip to Shearstone this past June. The Walleye is a huge 26" Walleye and the Northern is a nice 40"er. I just want to remind everyone about how to properly hold these trophies when they are out of the water. It should be a team effort. One with the rod and the other guys netting or landing by hand. REMEMBER to hold by the bottom jaw and also SUPPORT The belly. If you hold them up by the bottom jaw it is just like hanging them. They tend to be disoriented as would you if someone hung you by your bottom jaw.LOL The walleye pictured here is held okay because he is supporting her by the body in back of her head. Thanks for the pics Arnie.

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