Wednesday, July 25, 2007

HOT!! Walleyes still in less then 10 feet of water!

We have been experiencing some SMOKING HOT weather this past week but it is supposed to end here pretty soon. It went over 100 yesterday but today is better with a strong wind, which helps. Alot of people sleeping out on the decks and screened gazebos I hear.

In talking to most of the people coming out I am finding out that there are still alot of Walleyes in 6 to 10 feet of water either in the cabbage weeds or just along the edges of the weed beds. Some are being caught in 20 feet now as well. With this heat, they should start to move out to the mid-lake structure and submerged reefs. Not alot of big northerns being caught but plenty in the 35-38" range. They are probably down in the cold water 25-35 feet. I caught a 34" Northern one time while I was trout fishing in 70' of water!

Some interesting notes of Late:

The Trewyn party went to Springpole July 16 to 20. Their first fly in ever. They were Very Happy when I picked them up. Fishing was excellent, the scenery was beautiful and they even took home 10 Gallons of Springpole water!!! They plan to make some pure Springpole Ale. I hope to be able to sample that one day.

Also the Twedt Party came out of Cobham today. The leader of the group Gary said fishing was a little slower than two years ago when he was up but it was still good fishing. The others who had never experienced The Cobham before were ecstatic. Fishing was phenomenal by their standards. Everything is relative but one thing for sure is that fishing is always good, just better sometimes.

Till next time.

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