Monday, August 6, 2007

Heat is Gone! Fishing Very Consistant.

We had quite a heat wave this past week or two. It got over 100 a couple of times. Fishing is not usually at its peak when it is smoking hot and fairly calm. This year the fishing stayed good all through the heat. Walleyes were shallow even. You could catch walleyes at many different depths. 7 to 18 feet, Bigger ones tended to be a little deeper though. It got pretty windy when the heat started to break but the one advantage of our lakes is that you can always find a place to fish out of the wind.

Note worthy fish of the week.

Jensen Party Findlay Lake: Two couples, very easy fishing did not go to far from the cabin. Biggest walleye was caught by Jackie at 25", the other female Syd had the most fish. Must be because they had good guides, right boys.LOL

Kalkbrenner Party Blackbirch Lake: Good fishing, James who is 10 years old had a 36" Northern and was a Fishing Machine.

Simpson Party Shearstone Lake: Good times, fish were shallow on the cloudy days and deeper on the sunny hot days. As deep as 22 feet at times. Jeff caught 2- 25" walleyes. One in 8 feet the other in 19 feet. Could be the same fish? Caught not far from each other.

McGee Party Vee Lake: Joe had a 38" Northern and a 27 1/2" Walleye. Doug stated that "The walleyes were on fire" this week at Vee.

The Lange Family Took over the Cobham Lake this week. Randy and a crew in the Morley cabin and Jeff in the Daniel cabin with his family and a friend of their son's. Jimmy had never been to Canada or even in airplane. He had a blast and could not get enough. He caught 2-36" Northern. His Buddy John had a 30,32,35, and 37" Northerns and a few 23" walleyes. Travis had a 34" N and a 23" walleye. Mom, Geniene was not about to be outdone catching some 23" walleyes as well. No fishing report from Jeff though, they call him Lucky Lange but I don't know how lucky he was this week. Just Joking Jeff.
In the Morley cabin they had some awesome fishing as well. Tom and Randy went out in the crappy weather and had the best fishing of the trip. Randy had 85 fish and Tom had 65 fish. They caught the same walleye twice as he had a scar on his side so they could identify him. One day they had 7 Walleyes over 23", and the biggest Northern was 38".

McDaniel Party Cobham River. Excellent Northern fishing. They had 4 over 40" and a ton in the upper 30's. John had a 38", Bill had 40 and a 41", Mike had a 41" and Terry had a 40" Northern. Plenty of 23+" Walleyes. Good Trip.

This is the Toft Party. This is their second trip with us. They fished the River last year and chose to go to Cherrington this year. And fell in Love with it. They have not done many flyins but must be good fishermen. They caught a ton of Big Walleyes. Here is a list:
Marc 27" W
Sam 27" W
Mike W. 26" W and 27" Laker
Jim 25" W
Mike T. 25" W and a Laker
Kevin 24" W
Matt 23" W
These are only the biggest fish for each guy but they said where they are used to fishing, you get the net for anything over 20" but on Cherrington you did not even bring those 20" to 23" walleyes into the boat after a while. Just release them at the side. I hope we have not spoiled them to much.LOL

Might as well get rested up before you get to the Lake. Catching Walleyes is hard work.
Here is my co-pilot from Il, I took into Loree Lake the other day. I was tied to the dock before his Dad woke him up. Must have been a Smooth Landing. They were out fishing before I left and when I flew off the lake I flew over them. Dad was netting a fish for one son in the front of the boat and this young man had one up to the boat at the back. Pretty cool. They had only gone a quarter mile from the cabin. They said fishing was very consistent and easy. Two dads and three kids. Loree Lake is a perfect match.

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