Monday, July 30, 2007

Forest Fires, Big Northerns, and the Usual Walleyes(Big)

It is hard to believe but August is almost here. Surprisingly though the fish are still hanging out in shallow water. Trophy Northerns are becoming active again after a little break. Comments I have heard is that there are tons of minnows up in the bays and around the weeds. Follow the bait fish and you should catch fish. Walleyes do not seem to have a rhyme or reason to the depth they are in. Someone told me that if you cast up on the rocks and drag your bait out to the 15' of water you are in, you will catch a fish anywhere. Could be at 4' or 13' of water.

Forest fire season is under way as well. Had some hot weather recently and it does not take long to dry out the moss and little soil there is in the North. At some camps the ground is cracked and lifting from the rock. Remember to be careful with your camp fires. Pick your time to burn your garbage. Usually early in the morning there is a dew and it is calm. Always drown it out with water even if it looks out.

The Crowley party was at Blackbirch this week after 10 years of fishing 6 miles to the north at Cherrington Lake. The comment was, "I think we spent more time with fish on our hooks then actually fishing for them." They had a 28 1/2" walleye as well as many other good sized ones. They saw a moose and spent some quality time in the gazebo. The moose sighting is good all around. Pete is coming back in September with an old friend Bill M. for a moose hunt. I have guided them before and now they usually do it on their own. Very good outdoorsmen. I will be guiding on Blackbirch so I always like to hear about fishermen seeing moose.

Dave Bauer and his wife Pat were on Findlay lake this week and saw alot of sun and Walleyes. With her trusty guide putting her on the fish she was able to catch a real trophy. A 27 1/2" walleye. She said it was so heavy compared to the run of the mill 23" and 24" walleyes. The Game Warden also stopped in to see them. No problems but just want everyone to know they do come by.

The Langeland boys from Iowa fished and swam at the Cobham this week. They had another great trip and stated that the day before I picked them was the best day of fishing they have seen yet. Lots and lots of fish. They only problem was that Bill got in the way of a fairly large Treble hook. The Emergency satellite phone came in handy as I talked them through what they should do. You could hardly see the mark after a couple of days. Good thing he is tough. I did hear another tip on getting hooks out, Put a piece of tape over the spot where the hook is going to come through the skin. Skin is very Elastic and if you can make it come through the skin quicker, the easier it will be to get out.

Vee lake had some visitors from Maryland this week. They had a Monster Northern Pike measuring 42" and fat. Hot weather means lots of swimming. And swim they did to keep cool. Also, everyday they would catch walleyes off the dock. Everyday one would be at least 19". One guy in the group had been to Vee when the cabins were brand new and he was up with his dad. Those cabins at Vee and Blackbirch are beautiful and built out of logs from around the lake.

My co-pilot one early morning this weekend was a young man from Indiana. Looks like he is having trouble staying awake. That seat casts a spell on whom ever sits in it. I am surprised I have never witnessed a severe neck injury.LOL Just joking but I see a lot of head bobbing and sleeping.

Nice picture of the Otter. Some pretty wild thunderstorms to the south. It was a cool show after dark as the whole sky lit up with every flash of lightning.
A Very Sick motor.
The first Fire of the year in our area. It was up by the Cobham. They put a crew on it right away and this morning it is pretty much out.

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