Sunday, August 26, 2007

Just as it is supposed to be, The Little ones catch the biggest Fish.

A few lakes in our area eh!

Fall is coming, the leaves are starting to turn.
Went to Springpole today and a squirrel was very friendly.

The end of August is near and the weather is a little cool. Nice during the day though. Not quite cold enough for a fire most nights, very comfortable as most of our fisherman left HOT weather behind. Have people out there right now from Georgia and Texas this week. I am starting to get the itch to go and call some moose soon.

Here are some notable fish from the past week:

Cobham River Kegler Party from South Dakota. Had a great time and had quite a few walleyes up to 25 inches.

Blackbirch Lake Crilly Party. Friends with the Gerken party who were in previous to them had a little visit on the dock when I dropped them off had a very good week. They did not want to leave. The rookie of the group Brian had the walleye prize, a nice fat 26 incher. He is looking to top that one next time.

Loree Lake Budzinkay Party from Pittsburgh Pa. They drove all the way, 9 guys, they must get along good. Had a fantastic time. Commented that some days the fish were all over 18 inches and had to put them back. Not a bad problem if you are eating steak for supper.

Cherrington Lake Frattalone Party. First time these guys have fished Cherrington and id very well. There is alot of water to cover but they did a good job at checking it out. Here is the Rena was able to catch on their way out.
Joe biggest fish he has ever caught. A 24 inch walleye
Pasquale Sr. 24 inch Walleye
Pat 40 inch Northern
Mike R. 27 inch Walleye
Eric 25 1/2 inch Walleye
Randy 38 inch Northern
David 34 in Northern
The Walleye of the trip. A 28 and a 1/2 incher. Peter is 7 years old, and was fishing with his Dad on the Cobham.

Joey is 5 years old and was an excellent helper netting the big fish and had a 26" Northern and a 20" walleye.

Even Dad (Steve) had enough time to fish when he was not untangling lines or landing fish.

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