Thursday, August 30, 2007

More New Pictures!

Here are some pics sent us from some of our guests. The first ones here are forwarded from a long time guest from Manitoba. This is a 56 inch Northern that weighed 55 Pounds. That is a 36 inch Northern in his mouth.Here is his email,

"Hi John: Thought you might enjoy these photos, even if the fish wasn't caught at an AMIK Camp. I saw a pike like this once at Vee Lake. Ron Mehmel had just released a walleye that was way to big to keep. The pike scarfed the walleye just as it left Ron's hands. It took forever for the fish's back to pass by the boat.

Hope the season is rounding out well for you guys.

Best regards,

"A Jeanette Lake Hog! 43 inches!! Thanks Chris

Vee Lake From June. Another 43 incher!! Thanks Chuck.

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