Friday, September 7, 2007

September, Season is starting to change.

Groups of fisherman are slowly winding down now and we are approaching the season when the big northerns start to feed heavy and come up into the bays and weed beds like they do in the spring. Top water lures are a Blast, seeing these huge Northerns come up and hit them is pretty cool and very exciting.

Some recent fishing reports:

Jeanette Lake Hiscocks Party: These guys are long time guests who alternate between Jeannete and Springpole. This year they ended up going in for 9 Days! They arrived early enough that I was able to get them in that early. Alot of planning on food and drink goes into a trip that long, but Ted C. has been doing this for a long time and has it down pat. They had a young man with them this year who was 14 or 15 years old I think and was able to miss a week of school to go fishing with his Grandpa. From what I heard he kept thing interesting, playing jokes and messing around with the boys. He did end up falling in the lake so the men got the last laugh.
Some fish they caught:
41 inch Northern was the largest with a number in the upper 30's.
Walleyes were very good on numbers and size as well. Mark had the biggest being a 28 incher around 7 pounds and lots of other good quality walleyes.

Next year they are going to Springpole where last season they had a 30 pound Lake Trout. Caught it right out in front of the cabin and released.

Cobham Daniel Pertl Party: Dan and his son Andrew have been to many of our lakes and this season they returned to the Cobham. Andrew is another young man I have had the pleasure of knowing for a long time and is now grown and still coming fishing with Dad. They added a couple of new guys this year who had never done a flyin before and were quite impressed with everything from the scenery to the amount of fish they caught. Andrew had to show the experience pays off with catching the biggest fish being a 41 inch Northern. They are already making plans for next year.

Cobham Morley Muzzillo Party: These guys have been fishing Canada for a long time and used to fly from the border when Bruce was operating down there back in the day, and decided to make the journey further north and fly further north to see if their was a difference in the fishing. They come to find out that there is a difference. The Walleyes on average were quite a bit bigger than they were used to catching on some of their other trips. Many, many Walleye between 20 and 24 inches. The largest measuring 25 1/4 inches. They had an excellent time, hope to see them next year.

Loree Lake Fitzpatrick Party: A nice bunch of guys who had seen a few lakes around our area of NW Ont. but used to fish further east and one year made the drive to Red Lake and have been hooked ever since. They tell me the fishing is night and day better in this area. Well worth the drive. They had some windy weather for a couple of days but they caught their biggest fish on those days. The Northerns were right up in the weeds in the windy bays and had 5 Northerns over 41 inches. The Biggest being 45 inches and Fat!! That one was caught by Jim T. Pat R. had a 42 and 37 inch Northern and 25 inch Walleye, John T. had a 41 and a 42 inch Northern and took the Best Fisherman Award. 25 bucks and a trophy which is worth Bragging Rights, the most important thing for the next 365 days.

The weather is starting to cool down a little but still nice. Daytime temps have been from 70 to 55 degrees. The nights are slowly getting cooler but still comfortable. Have had a few showers but relatively dry, water is dropping which I like to see. Lower water usually makes for better Moose Hunting, I am hoping to get some more good video to put on youtube. Keep an eye out this fall for them.

Here is the Bay on Cherrington Lake.
Putting the cabins to sleep for the winter, It is kind of sad, but it would be pretty hard to maintain the pace we go at for 12 months. 40 degrees below and 4 feet of snow may hinder that as well. LOL

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