Tuesday, October 9, 2007

No More People but Lots to do.

Another season has passed and we are done once again. Overall we had a great season and would like to thank everyone who joined us for a memorable trip this summer. We will be sending a end of season newsletter next month so a reminder that if we do not have yur email address you can sign up on our website. canadianflyinfishing.com

Closing camps was pretty uneventful. Had some good and bad weather but quite a bit of rain. In fact it is still raining today. It is better to have high water come fall anyways and then you have a good balance in the spring as the water drains away over the winter. As long as we don't get more snow than normal. Mother nature is in charge of that I am afraid. I had good help for the camp closing and got alot of extra work done at the camps as well. This helps big time next spring when we open up. If the weather plays along we can get even more done.

Rena and I are still pretty busy with things around the base for another couple of weeks but are getting ready to head back to Manitoba soon. Hockey and Deer season both start when we get back so the next pictures will be from the Rink or hopefully of a Big Buck.

I am servicing all of the motors now and going through all of my lists to ensure we are ready for spring and next season. We will be replacing grills, stoves, boat ramps etc. at the some of the camps in the spring where needed.

I have not taken the Otter out of the water yet but plan on taking pictures and video so that everyone can see how big that old girl actually is. It is quite a sight when on dry land. Keep an eye out for that.

Here is the New outhouse at the Cobham River. The view is Magnificant.
We have had a ton of rain lately and actually almost saw the Sun after getting to Findlay to shut it down.
The next morning we saw Fog. But eventually did see the sun and had perfect weather for our last day in the North.
Quite a broad collection of magazines left after the summer is over.
The Mighty Moose. Still haunting me.

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