Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Otter

The Otter is out of the water for the winter. I took it to Sioux Lookout yesterday and put her to bed for awhile. That is where our Maintenance is done during the winter. She is quite a sight when it comes out of the water. I plan on putting a video on Youtube this week showing the whole process. Also I am putting another one on there showing some of the sights from this past fall. Keep an eye out for those. There is a link on the side bar of this blog to my videos. Just a reminder to everyone that if you have any videos or pictures, please send them along, we appreciate them and will put them up on our site for you to see.

We are almost ready to head back to Manitoba soon. Our girls went home this past weekend and have started hockey already. Almost time to start draining water and closing the last buildings. I have serviced the motors and have been planning ahead to the spring for purchases and improvements to the camps. Watch for our newsletter coming by email in Mid-November, as we will letting you know of all the purchases we plan for next season for your convenience. You can sign up on our website if you have not recieved our e-newsletter before.

The next time I write I hope to be back in Manitoba hunting whitetails, coaching and playing hockey.

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