Monday, May 26, 2008

Fishing is Normal..... Which is Awesome!!!!

I brought the groups out yesterday from Vee and the Cobhams. The news is good. Quite good in fact. A 44.5 inch northern was caught on the Cobham amd a 43 on Vee. Many 40 inches or better. Too many to list but Patrick Mirick is on top so far with his Big Toothed Monster on the Cobham. Denny from the Johnson party had a big bellied Hog on Vee, they said the fishing was really good this year. They have been going to the for years opening week and have endured some crazy weather and fishing over the years. A hearty bunch from Wisconsin. They left us some of their pics when they came out. Here are just a few.

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Anonymous said...

How big is the pot in Findlay in case we make fish stew?