Sunday, June 1, 2008

It doesn't matter what lake you go to.... the fishing is very good.

The weather has been excellent lately and the fishing has been as good as you can ask for. The walleyes were a little scattered on the flat calm days but no problems catching, just had to keep moving.

I am sitting in the office this morning waiting for some fog to lift so I figured I would give an update on the fishing at Amik Outposts.

This past week was another good one. It was cold and rainy on Sunday when I dropped off the Collins Family at Vee lake but it did not slow them down any. They produced 3 Trophy Northerns measuring at 42 inches and had dozens over 38 inches. They were quite happy when I picked them up. I hope to recieve some pics soon.

Shearstone lake fishing was excellent as well this past week. Denny Way and his crew caught tons of fish and some nice big ones! The largest Northern was 38 inches and the Largest Walleye, the largest so far was a 27 inch fat one.

Loree lake had its usual visitors from Il. and Wi., the Hansens and Seals. Normally they catch lots of Northerns over 40 inches but this season the biggest they caught was 38 inches. The weather made up for the size this year. These guys looked recharged and had excellent tans. As usual they did not want to go home.

The weather is starting to lift so I have to get moving and move these fishermen in and out of the bush all day.

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