Friday, June 13, 2008

Numbers down slightly compared to Normal but Quality is Great!

Another week has flown by in the North and the fishing is Good. Numbers are reportedly lower than last year but no one is disappointed thats for sure. We have had a few rainy days but have had some nice warm sunny ones mixed in.

The Surgo Crew just came out of Loree lake today. They had fished his lake last season and totally slayed the fish... This year the had good fishing but not quite as good as last year. Largest fish for the trip was a 42 inch Northern and a 26 inch Walleye. Nice Fish on any lake. They also had a 32 inch Northern decide to latch on to a 15 inch Walleye being brought in. Then the wait started. The Northern went to the bottom and just laid there. After five minutes they started to reel the walleye up. And guess who was still there. This guy would not give up. He finally let go after he was landed still attached to the side of the Walleye. They also saw a big Black Bear crossing the lake one day.

I get along great with these guys, maybe because they are hockey coaches and still playing.... like me. They make the long journey from Ohio up here, mostly for the Better fishing than they had experienced in the past and the palace at Loree lake probably helps as well.

Here are a few of the many Memorable fish caught recently,
McCarthy Party Cobham Caught 2500-3000 fish during the trip
Bergman Party Cobham Best year in 30 years of fishing Walleyes on Cobham. Caught 29,26,24 inchWalleye
Cashman Party Vee-44 inch Northern!!
Sproule Party Soren from Denmark had a 40 and 39 inch Northern in the last hour of the trip.
Jeffries Party Findlay Lake 30 inch walleye!!! Hayden caught this monster and is 12 years old. There were 2 young lads on this trip and they had a blast. Catching tons of fish.
Alesch party Springpole Lake These guys have fished here a number of times and found that the walleyes were larger and more numerous than last year. Excellent time.
Grabow Party Shearstone 23 inch walleye and 39 inch Northern, caught tons of fish right in the rapids.

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