Sunday, July 13, 2008

Do you think you can land a 39 inch Northern....Fishing out of a CANOE!

This past week has been really busy with flying and a lot has happened. I will get a complete fishing report up soon. Here are a couple of stories from recently.

The Hren party had their first Flyin Experience, and came to Shearstone in response to our Family Package. I was pretty concerned about their trip. They were in there for 4 days and it rained for the past 3!! The group before them had good fishing and had marked them some spots on the map when we changed over. I was hoping that they would see some excellent fishing. The day I dropped them off it was nice and sunny. It also turned out to be their least productive day of the trip. During the next 3 days of mist and rain they caught tons of walleyes and northerns. On one of the canoe portages Joe caught and landed a Fat 39 inch Northern. It was very wild they said but actually landed him. They must have good balance.

The biggest difference I saw in this trip though was the Boys. I have written before of the change I see in people on their way out from a fishing trip and this was one of the significant ones. On the way in I saw 2 teenage boys who were tired from the drive up and looked a little detached. When I showed up today, in the Rain, They met me on the dock with huge smiles. Telling me stories of the fish they caught. The look in their eyes was the difference. Hard to explain what it is, but definitely a happier look. I notice that right away and more pronouced sometimes than others. I hope to see them again.

Also BIG news!! The Springpole Ale has arrived. I have tried a couple and they are fantastic! These guys had awesome fishing last year and are heading in tomorrow for their second time at Springpole Lake. Last year I thought it was weird to have someone ask to take some water home. The water in Springpole is nice and clear and tastes great. Well I can attest to that. A & T Brewing did a first rate job. I would consider myself a connoisseur on beer tasting:) I think I will have to find some room on the Otter on their way out for some "Water".

Here are some pictures from the Absher Party who stayed at Daniels for the past six days. They were only scheduled for 5 though. The weather was very Ugly this weekend but the fishing was Great! We always have safety in mind and if the Mother Nature does not allow us to fly.... we have to wait. These decisions are hard to make but they have to be made. Most of our guests understand. these guys were great, as were all of our fishermen this weekend. They caught a number of Big Northerns but Ron had a Monster come and take his walleye right by the boat and swim away with it, not stopping and breaking the line. He has fished Canada for a long time and that was the biggest fish had ever seen.

Here is a nice 39 incher!

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