Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mayflies are starting, Walleyes are on a Feeding Frenzy!!!

Walleye fishing at Amik Outposts is as good as it gets right now. Today is kind of rainy but I bet fishing is Great today. I don't have to fly today so things could not be better:) I have to go north tomorrow and have no one coming south so I am hoping to take my girls fishing at Cherrington. I hope the weather holds out for us.

Only some of the lakes I have been to in the past week have any noticeable amount of mayflies. The Cobham seems to have the greatest amount but fishing has been totally Awesome there. I was also at Findlay and Loree and hardly noticed any mayflies at all. The Findlay guys said that the bellies had some mayflies in them but fishing was very good.

Here are some of the reports from the past few days.

Shearstone had the Primm Party, the first day they got there the fishing below the rapids was fast and furious. Then the next day, nothing was there. By that afternoon they found another honey hole not far from the Cabin. The next day the fish seemed to be all over the lake. They had 2-26 inch walleyes and a number of mid 30 inch Northerns

Nehrbass Party stayed for 8 days at Morleys this past week. They caught so many fish they did not know where to start the story! Some of the highlights are: below the rapids they had 10 Walleyes over 21 inches in one spot! among hundreds of others.... They also had a HUGE Northern take their bait and break the water and went down and did not stop. 20 pound test, broken right at the reel.

The Seitz boys were at Daniels. Dad and 2 sons and a friend who had never ever been in an airplane before. How lucky could you be to have your first time with Johnny and the Polish Otter!! The weather was perfect and smooth. A 5 am flight, a beautiful sunrise. My job is fairly easy on days like those. They had 2 Northern which measured 38 inches and a 25 inch Walleye. They also caught a small Northern which was then eaten by a Larger Northern!

Cobham River had the Mcgee Party. Their story is on the previous post. I will post some of their pictures when I recieve them. Here is one of them with their shorelunch and supper. They all look like they are 18 inches or less to me:)

Here are some pictures from Loree Lake last week. Thanks Bill.

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