Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A 40 inch Northern on one hook and a Finger on the other!

The Scholtes and Hogan Party came out of The River today and had a blast. There was 2 Dan's in the group and they caught the biggest Northern. Dan S. caught a 38 inch Northern and Dan D. caught a Hefty 40 incher!! The only problem was that he also got hooked in the process! This was the second day of their trip and they figured they would take care of it themselves....and did! Apperently Dan D. did not care for his friends bedside manor but they pushed the hook through, cut it off and pulled it out. Nothing different than they would do at the hospital. The important part was that they did not wreck his Antique Wooden Pikey. Here he is, co-piloting his way back to Red Lake.

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