Sunday, August 24, 2008

First Signs of Fall

We had some wind and rain the past couple of days and the temperature cooled off as well. As you can see from the picture above it was nice and clear this morning.Beautiful day for flying. About 30 miles south of the Cobham, I saw it.....the leaves are starting to change! Hard to believe that we are a month away from moose hunting and closing up. Time flies when people are having fun!

Here are some reports for the week.

Steve, Greg, and Dwight along with their lovely wives, came out of Jeanette yesterday and had a great time. Fishing was a little slower than normal but they still caught plenty of fish and had great weather. The Northern fishing on the last day was phenominal. I was a little late getting them out due to weather but nothing they haven't seen before as they have fished Jeanette for many years. The wives come up every other year and they Lucky guys generally get to visit Jeanette every year. The big fish for the week were:
Greg 40 inch Northern
Steve had a 39 inch Northern who came totally out of the water 4 times
Sandy had a 25 1/2 inch Walleye on the 2nd cast of the trip
Anne had a Northern come right out of the water after her lure as she was messing with the line.

The Nelson party came out of Findlay recently where fishing was normal. Normal being great you know. The biggest fish of the trip was a 25 inch walleye. They said there were tons of walleyes and a good amount of bigger northerns.

Vee had some new guests fishing there and they came out yesterday as well. The Hamre Party. They reported catching fish all over and a 42 inch Northern was caught and released in the process. If I remember right, they also had a 26 and 2-25 inch walleyes. The gazebo and screened decks have been seeing a lot of use in the nice weather recently and this week was no different, no bugs and a nice view while eating dinner or having an evening cocktail.

The Western Family was in at Daniels for 7 days and came out this morning. The temperature went from 88 degrees to 34 degrees this morning when I picked them up this morning. I figured that the temp was close to freezing when I stepped on the dock. They had their biggest walleye right around the corner from the cabin where the fishing was very consistant. Nice to have a spot close to catch supper when the weather sucks. Biggest fish were:
Matt 25.5 inch walleye
Beth 24 inch walleye
Jennie 23 inch walleye
Beth had a funny story on the way in. She said the last time they were up, they fished Findlay Lake and she was catching so many fish that at one point she was releasing a fish and got mixed up and released her rod instead of the walleye. Gone. When I told here that there was a rod caught recently there she laughed like crazy. It is up on the wall on the deck as a trophy now.

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