Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Northern lites have been Awesome!

The days are getting shorter quickly now. One advantage of this is that it actually gets dark at night.....really dark if there is no moon. Some guests in the past few days have commented how beautiful the lites were a few nights ago. I should be getting some pictures of some good ones soon. With no light interference you can see absolutely everything up in the sky.

It seems that we are still getting a lot of first timers up north! With the weather we have had lately combined with awesome fishing, I can say that we have sure opened a lot of eyes here at Amik.

The Hagen Party came out of Daniels today and did not want to go home. Grandpa was the saddest one to leave today. They caught oodles of walleyes with the biggest one measuring 24 1/2 inches. Almost all of this 3 generation trip were first time fly in fishermen and really enjoyed themselves. Excellent people, I hope to see them again.

Blackbirch had some new fishermen on it recently as well. Bryan H. and his sons have been here before but brought along some "new blood"(with all of the mosquitos around, pardon the pun) to catch a few hundred fish. The guide must have done his job because everyone that came out of there the other day was smilin! There was 3 Tim's in the party and they caught the biggest fish! Tim caught 2-26 inch walleyes in the narrows east of the camp and Tim had a 26 incher and 2-24 inch walleyes. Bryan had the largest northern, a Fat 39 incher. It is sure nice to see lots of younger people coming and experiencing the peaceful North.

Here is Ty. He spent a week on Vee Lake recently with his Dad, Grandpa and some friends. Fishing was excellent! Ty had a 26 1/2 inch walleye pictured below, and overall these guys said that this is by far the largest walleye on average they have ever caught. Tons of those Fat 20-24 inch fish. Lots of sun lately has kept those big ones down in 15 to 20 feet of water.

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