Sunday, August 10, 2008

Walleyes moving out to their summer haunts!

It is the end of another busy weekend and the weather was perfect, light winds and no clouds. Fishing slowed down slightly but was spectacular during the week. One day of rain and the rest was sun! Walleyes are being caught more consistently in 15 to 20 feet of water with all of the sun we have had but the big ones seem to be givener! Here are some of the highlights:

Loree Lake had the Cadman Party. They have the biggest northern of the year so far, caught on the first day by David. They said the head was Enormous on a huge 48 inch Northern. Pictures to follow!!! David also caught a 37 inch northern. There was some young men in this group as well and they are becoming quite the veterans, this was their fifth year with us. Jack had a 27 1/2 and a 28 1/2 inch northern, George had 400 fish for the trip, and Harry had a 33 inch northern. Giles(dad) had a 28 inch walleye and a 8 Foot Stick! No picture of that though:) They said the Northern Lites were awesome last night along with a great show of falling stars!

Vee Lake had the Patnode Party this week. This crew has fished a few of our lakes and were very impressed with the quality of fish on Vee. "The walleyes were so thick across the back" is what I heard from some of the guys. They even caught a bunch of walleyes throwing northern lures on their last day! Many times when it was time to catch lunch or supper, the walleyes were to big to eat. Not a bad problem to have....Bob had a 28 inch "Fat" walleye being the biggest.

We have had lots of first timers recently and their faces are always lit up a little more when I get there to pick them up. The River had the Sander Party back for a second time this season and had mostly first time fly in fishermen in the party. They had some good guides along though with lots of experience, Tom and James were heading up this party of 8. The rest of the group were a bunch of hard working guys,(I can always tell) and they were all smiles on the way out! Some 42 inch northern were caught and released as well as James "the guide" catching a nice 28 inch walleye.

Denise and Jeff A. were in Jeanette with their boys and her dad on our family plan for the past 4 days. They had a blast. Catching lots of fish and eating plenty! They even heard wolves howling one day! On the last night it was just Jeff and one of the boys in camp relaxing when at the same time Jeff was headed for the Outhouse he saw a bear with his head in the door of the outhouse! Once he heard and saw Jeff, he hightailed out of there and wasn't seen again. Right after that he heard his son hollering from the dock that he had a big one.(there are many trophies caught there) A great fight and they did see it once.... but then it ran and then it was gone. Denise also went out with her boys one night. They proceeded to catch a nice 32 inch northern. The Boys did not want anything to do with that toothed beast so guess who had to pick up the ball,take out the hook and put him back.....MOM! I hope to see them again, the boys Really enjoyed the time in the Otter.

Summer seems to be here for awhile so I hope it stays.

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