Friday, August 1, 2008

It sure is Amazing how fast the Summer goes!

Well... it just seems like we were opening camps and here we are at the beginning of August. Only a little better than 2 months to go in our season. Time flies when you are busy!

Today was another good day for flying and another bunch of happy fishermen. The S. Arnie Safari came out of Findlay Lake this morning after 7 days of good times and excellent fishing. The only thing missing was, Arnie? He was not able to make the trip, but his buddies had his share of fun in addition to their own! I am sure they will be rubbing it in a little when they get home. At one point they caught 207 walleyes in 5 hours down by the one tree island. There was way too many walleyes over 20 inches but the most notable one was a big 26 incher caught in the best spot on the lake, right where the river comes in on Russell Lake. The bigger fish are really turning on in the deeper water they reported. One guy had quite a morning one day too, he had 2-23's 2-24's and a 25 inch Walleye. That is pretty hard to beat. Needless to say, those dates are not available for next season!

Here are some pictures from a group who fished Vee Lake recently. I wrote about Anthony on July 24th and here are his fish. Way to go Anthony! Beautiful fish. Dad looked as happy as him.

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