Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hockey well under way!

Rena and I are back in Manitoba now and settling in. Hockey is well under way and I am happy to report that Maija's team started out with a win!! Most years we get a beating in our first game of the season but these kids are going to be contenders this year!! This was also their first game of Body contact and they took to it like naturals. After each one on the team(only 9 skaters) got nailed at least once. My daughter Maija got nailed on her first shift. The team we were playing had a few 2nd year PeeWee's on their team so they really took it to us right off the hop. We were down 3-1 at the end of the first and it did not look promising. After having a talk with them to settle everyone down, a new team came out. We scored 3 unanswered goals in the second to take the lead after 2 periods. The biggest thing was that we were taking the physical play to them! Our team looked like they had been playing hitting hockey for years. We totally dominated in the 3rd period getting one more goal icing the win at home. With not many skaters, they will have to get in shape and be tough as nails. Ironman Hockey I call it!! Lets hope they can keep it up.

The Bucks have just started scraping here in Manitoba and it is snowing here today and getting colder. This will definately get them fired up and next week should be good hunting. My stands are set up and I am ready for the rut. Maybe this is the year.......

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